Friday, November 26, 2004

Hybrid "stealth" Humvee

Found an interesting story about a Hybrid -Powered Humvee.

An interesting innovation indeed. There's no question that Hybrid power is very efficient and can provide a substantial saving in fuel costs when you consider a "real" Hummer has a large (6.8L or so) V8 motor and weighs around 3 tonnes.

Nevertheless, one can't help but wonder what happens when this new Humvee comes under attack and both the electric and diesel power sources are employed for maximum power. When the batteries run out, the occupants are left with a wonderful 2.5L inline 4 diesel pushing a crazy 138HP. Top speed on diesel power: 50kmh.

Just what you need with bullets grazing past your head.

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Craig said...

But it does have a cool 'stealth' mode that it can run on for 30 km. Very nice when needing to sneak through enemy held territory.

I do like the laser designator it has on a mast, makes it easy for A-10s and Apaches to find their target.