Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I think we have all seen the power of nature with the recent devastation in Asia. I was watching the news channels on Foxtel, also I read some news articles on the web and noted a few curious things:
  • Fox News only had short (1-2 minute) segments on the tsunami whereas the other channels (CNN, BBc, Sky News) went with nearly continuous coverage. Although it is becoming a theme on this blog of mine, my opinion of the US is not improving.
  • I was watching Sky News and some female news anchor (Naomi Robson possibly) was interviewing a plate tectonic geologist talking about the reasons for the quake and how Western Australia was quite lucky to escape damage. He then went on to discussing there could be possible plate movements off the WA coast in the Indian Ocean but Perth could be spared because of the width of the continental shelf and shape of the sea floor near the coast, before he could finish the silly woman interrupted him and blurted out "What about Sydney? Could it experience a similar thing to Phuket?" in a very demanding way. The geo responded quite calmly saying that major plate movements that could affect Sydney are too far away to be considered dangerous. I then changed over to BBC...
  • have a photo gallery (,7579,^^22052,00.html) up showing the water moving in at a resort in Thailand. If you search for the full sequence by the photographer ( you will find that they have played with the sequence of photos. Also the man they say was found a kilometre away dead (Frame 5) did not die at all, he was saved by someone lifting onto a balcony soon after the photo was taken. I know it may be chaotic in Phuket at present, but a little fact checking might not go astray.
Have any of you noticed some weird stuff in the media too?

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Anonymous said...

Other than the "stingy" donations made by the US - 25mil - compared to our 25mil.

I suppose, closer to home, there was a West Australian headline, "child found dead in phuket". Or something to that effect. Don't mind the other 67,999 odd others.