Monday, January 31, 2005

False Advertising

A story on tells of how Flight Centre has been found unable to meet its "lowest air fares guarantee".

Begs the question. When someone claims they have the best prices, who really believes them? Should the blame be on individuals for not doing their shopping around?

Same goes for "Sales". Often times you can get the same item much cheaper just by shopping around and asking for a discount or a "best price".

Has it got to a point when all advertising is false? The ACCC doesn't think so. So when will they move on the banks?

Big news... has finally updated their ugly site to something looks a fair bit better. Haven't played around enough to guage any improvments in usability though.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Mamdouh Habib goes through all types of hell for no reason, the government offers no assistance and now he can't even make some money off his ordeal to pay for lost earnings while the US and Australian governments were allowing him to be tortured...

SMH has the story.

Are we becoming a Gestapo state?

Friday, January 21, 2005

You will be assimilated...

Found here,7204,12001462^15306^^nbv^,00.html


OzEmail tilts towards iiNet
Michael Sainsbury
JANUARY 21, 2005

PERTH-BASED internet service provider iiNet is in the box seat to buy rival OzEmail for about $100 million when bids for the company close today.

A successful deal would give iiNet about 450,000 internet customers, making it the third-largest ISP in Australia behind telcos Telstra and Optus.

(article continues)


iiNet seem to be growing at an outstanding rate. I don't know where all the money is coming from to do this but I hope it comes off. Some sanity and competition in the top 3 ISPs in the country can't hurt.


I got this link from someone at work. Pity it is embedded in a flash file cos I would like to watch it frame by frame to verify what happens is real.

Make up your own mind:

Thursday, January 20, 2005


In their first week as the Triple J breakfast team Jay and the Doctor from Frenzal Rhomb have already made their way into the media spotlight. The Doctor (aka Lindsay McDougall) wrote a song that mocks Australia's response to the disaster.

It seems that some people didn't really find it all that funny or satirical, in fact they think it is quite distasteful. They aren't making comment on the victims of the disaster, just having a good old dig at the apparent double standards of Australians.

Articles can be found:
Herald Sun

I can't find the lyrics anywhere and it isn't available for download from the Triple J website yet...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Navel Contemplation

Something I found in my travels... my brother is a fairly zealous player and found these chaps to be a hinderence to the entire experience - to say the least. (His words were a little stronger than mine).

I appreciate that it's a satirical article/site (and a darned good one at that!), but it's pointing out a very real issue that seems to be circulating around a few WOW message boards.

Hypotheticals - Part 2

I will rephrase the question...

Would the world be a better place if the US was obliterated?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Here is a hypothetical question for you all...

Would the world be a better place without George W Bush and Donald Rumsfeld?

Monday, January 17, 2005

How can you not know?

From this article.

This guy gets a massive nail embedded in his skull and doesnt know about it? He does look a bit dopey...

Friday, January 14, 2005

And this is a Mac...

After the previous Mickey Mouse computer, I have to bring it back to a semi real world, Apple has just launched their new Mac mini. Starting at US$499, it is a great package with a usually inflated Apple price.

  • 1.25 G4 processor (optional 1.42GHz G4)
  • 40GB HDD (optional 80GB)
  • 256MB DDR SDRAM (upgradeable to 1GB)
  • ATi 9200 Radeon 32MB
  • Width: 6.5"
  • Depth: 6.5"
  • Height: 2"

Clicking images opens a new window

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Cool Waste of Money - no it is not a MAC

I found this in my travels.

I think that it speaks for itself.

The truth about cats...

This gets to the very essence of apparently random feline activity which cat owners call cute and charismatic. Although they may be classed as domestic animals, their wild impulses have not been sufficiently reduced to be kept as pets.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Stoopid Seppos...

At an American military airfield in Iraq, work was being done on the runway, but no one had bothered to issue a NOTAM (notice to airmen). Aircraft landing during the day were able to avoid the work site, but a C-130 came in at night on December 29th, hit the work area, and was totalled. There were several injuries among the crew and passengers, but no fatalities. There will, however, be some fatal effects on the career prospects of one or more air force officers (the ones responsible for distributing NOTAM information.)


Weird names...

These parents named their child something strange, but the father has the stranger of the names...


Stalin names child 'Tsunami'

A COUPLE in south India today named their son Tsunami after learning the two-month-old had survived the killer waves which lashed their beachside hamlet two weeks ago.

Fisherman Stalin and his wife Jesurani, who like many Indians use only one name, ran for safety carrying their baby when the tsunamis hit their coastal village in the Colachel area of Tamil Nadu state.
But in the stampede the couple lost their infant boy.

Hours later, when the commotion subsided, they went looking for their son's body, assuming that he was dead.

"We were crestfallen and thought that God does not even want us to perform the last rites for our baby.

But we were thrilled when someone came and told us that our boy is kept in the local church, awaiting transfer to a relief camp," Jesurani said.

"Because the tsunamis spared his life, we decided to name him Tsunami."

Monday, January 10, 2005

He wants to be an American Idiot...

What a dickhead...

A future winner of a Darwin Award perhaps?

Tsunami Jokes

You knew it had to happen...

Disclaimer: If you may find jokes about the tsunami offensive, don't read any further.

BTW, select text to read jokes...

-Start select here-

Did you hear that the South African Billabong surfing competition was won by a rank outsider? A Sri Lankan on a fridge.


How do you recognise the prostitute in Phuket?
She is the chick in fishnet


All elections in South East Asia have been cancelled, something about floating voters.


Holidayers are flocking to Thailand apparently. The beaches are awash with tourists.


Aren't the beachfront cities in Thailand without power?
No, there's plenty of current running through the towns


Why do all the sharks in the Indian Ocean have diarrhea?
They have been eating Thai all damn week!


Knock! Knock!
Who's There?
Sue Who?


What's the least popular detergent in Indonesia?


What did the racist beachfront hotel owner say while standing at the registration desk?
Who let the Indian in?

-End select here-

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Street racing story

Found on a Honda S2000 forum:


My first street race (S2000/350z/M3) ends with, a wrecked Integra, the M3 on it's lid and all of us in jail. I was visiting some friends in Brea, CA when one of my buddies Mike and his brother Brant challenged me to a race. Mike would drive his E46 M3, Brant his 350Z and I would drive my S2000. Brant's girlfriend Gina would follow in her Jeep Wrangler to film us. We all gathered on the northern end of Main St to begin. We agreed the intersection of 12th Ave and Main would be the finish line.

Off the line I was the quickest with Brant in the 350Z right beside me and Mike in the M3 trailing. On the 2 --> 3 upshift I screwed up and put it in 5th gear instead of 3rd and killed my momentum. Both of them went flying by me which is probably a good thing.

As we approached 5th street the light turned yellow. At this point I was too far back to try to beat it so I slowed down. Mike and Brant on the other hand decided to race through it but Mike wasn't fast enough. Two cars came through the intersection from the left, a Saturn L300 followed by an Acura Integra. Brant who was still in the lead managed to squeeze between the rear of the Saturn and the front of the Integra. Mike wasn't so lucky. He hit the front passenger fender of the Integra sending it into a spin. After the intersection, the road curves to the left. Mike's M3 kept going straight and went up an embankment before rolling on to his roof. I stopped to see if the girl in the Integra was okay. Brant seeing the accident in his 350z's rearview mirror turned around and helped Mike out of the M3. Fortunately a surgeon driving an E-Class wagon who witnessed the accident stopped and checked both of them out. They are both fine but shaken up pretty good. The girl in the Integra, whose name is MaryAnn, had just put about $12,500 in aftermarket stuff on her car about a week ago. Now her car is a total loss.

The police soon came and shut down the road, took statements and eventually placed us under arrest. My friends and I face charges like wreck less driving, public endangerment etc. I'm out on bail right now, not looking forward to going before the judge tomorrow. Be safe out there guys. Oh, and there are some pictures below.


Pictures can be found
here (

Friday, January 07, 2005

Scammers at work...

I received this in my email last night, it was also sent to every other username starting with 'cu' at iiNet. It just screams scam to me.

With a minimum donation of 100 pounds Sterling, there won't be too many people fleeced, but you can guarantee that the Reverend will be doing alright in the next few months.



Dear Sir/Madam,


This urgent appeal goes to all kind hearted , well meaning individuals, organisations,societies,churches ,non-governmental organisations e.t.c. We kindly appeal on behalf of our brethren and victims of the recent Tsunami Disaster in Thailand,Burma,Indonesia and Sri Lanka for a donation of a minimum sum of a 100 pounds sterling for the rehabilitation of survivors of this disaster which has claimed over a hundred thousand lives.

All donations will be used for the provision of food, medicine, temporary shelter and the rehabilitation of the victims who are in desperate need. Your donations will be highly appreciated and will go a long way in saving our souls.

All donations below 1000 pounds sterling should be sent via WESTERN UNION in the name of the general Church Secretary REV. SMITH NGULH ZA THWANG, on behalf of the MYANMAR COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. CONTACT

Donations above 1000 Pounds Sterling should be made payable to:

- ACCOUNT NUMBER: 101-7-75507-3

Endeavour to send the following details:

- Full names
- Address
- Country
- Money Transfer Control Number(MTCN) - In the case of Western Union Money Transfer of any payments made to the above email address for official references.

May the good Lord richly bless you as you donate to this good cause.

Thank you and appreciate your soonest response.

God be with you.

Rev. Smith Ngulh Za Thwang.


Not a bad scam, he will make sure the really stupid people who give more than 1000 pounds will also supply their names and addresses for more focussed scamming.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Compare and Contrast

With the donations pouring in for tsunami relief, there have been some fairly sizable personal donations from people with the wealth to afford it.
  • Michael Schumacher donated US$10 million
  • US$1.5 million from Steven Spielberg
  • US$1 million from Sandra Bullock
  • US$1 million from Leonardo di Caprio
Then there are some donations where you think they aren't really putting enough effort...
  • George W Bush bonated US$13,000, from a personal wealth of US$17 million
  • Qantas offered $1 million from a profit of $1 billion
  • Commonwealth Bank initially offered $250,000, but have since lifted it to $1 million, considering they just announced a profit of $2.6 billion

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Naughty Nurses cause ill feeling

Take a look at this...


"VICTORIAN nurses are revolting. The modern day Florence Nightingales are banging their bedpans and calling for a boycott of all 39 Bras 'n Things stores around the state.

They're demanding the sexy lingerie chain do a bit of surgery on its latest catalogue, and amputate the Naughty Nurse outfit."

I think they need to lighten up a bit...

Sunday, January 02, 2005

To err is...

I found an interesting article about a mock trial of an imaginary computer. This computer was intelligent enough to seek legal representation when it learned that its corporate owner was going to decommission it and replace it with another machine.

This kind of hypothetical musing brings to mind the question of what really
is it that makes humans sentient and so self-aware? What makes our brains able to create and enjoy the produce of creativity such as music and art?

Perhaps the answer is that we simply have a very cleverly designed super computer resident in our skulls. Or is there something more to it?

If we are just a very powerful computer, will our creations (computers) one day get to a stage where "they" deserve the same legal recognition as one of us, being equal in most if not all respects?

Of course, you can pick up most science fiction novels and movies that explore the question of what might happen should our creation get too intelligent for our own good.