Sunday, January 09, 2005

Street racing story

Found on a Honda S2000 forum:


My first street race (S2000/350z/M3) ends with, a wrecked Integra, the M3 on it's lid and all of us in jail. I was visiting some friends in Brea, CA when one of my buddies Mike and his brother Brant challenged me to a race. Mike would drive his E46 M3, Brant his 350Z and I would drive my S2000. Brant's girlfriend Gina would follow in her Jeep Wrangler to film us. We all gathered on the northern end of Main St to begin. We agreed the intersection of 12th Ave and Main would be the finish line.

Off the line I was the quickest with Brant in the 350Z right beside me and Mike in the M3 trailing. On the 2 --> 3 upshift I screwed up and put it in 5th gear instead of 3rd and killed my momentum. Both of them went flying by me which is probably a good thing.

As we approached 5th street the light turned yellow. At this point I was too far back to try to beat it so I slowed down. Mike and Brant on the other hand decided to race through it but Mike wasn't fast enough. Two cars came through the intersection from the left, a Saturn L300 followed by an Acura Integra. Brant who was still in the lead managed to squeeze between the rear of the Saturn and the front of the Integra. Mike wasn't so lucky. He hit the front passenger fender of the Integra sending it into a spin. After the intersection, the road curves to the left. Mike's M3 kept going straight and went up an embankment before rolling on to his roof. I stopped to see if the girl in the Integra was okay. Brant seeing the accident in his 350z's rearview mirror turned around and helped Mike out of the M3. Fortunately a surgeon driving an E-Class wagon who witnessed the accident stopped and checked both of them out. They are both fine but shaken up pretty good. The girl in the Integra, whose name is MaryAnn, had just put about $12,500 in aftermarket stuff on her car about a week ago. Now her car is a total loss.

The police soon came and shut down the road, took statements and eventually placed us under arrest. My friends and I face charges like wreck less driving, public endangerment etc. I'm out on bail right now, not looking forward to going before the judge tomorrow. Be safe out there guys. Oh, and there are some pictures below.


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