Sunday, January 02, 2005

To err is...

I found an interesting article about a mock trial of an imaginary computer. This computer was intelligent enough to seek legal representation when it learned that its corporate owner was going to decommission it and replace it with another machine.

This kind of hypothetical musing brings to mind the question of what really
is it that makes humans sentient and so self-aware? What makes our brains able to create and enjoy the produce of creativity such as music and art?

Perhaps the answer is that we simply have a very cleverly designed super computer resident in our skulls. Or is there something more to it?

If we are just a very powerful computer, will our creations (computers) one day get to a stage where "they" deserve the same legal recognition as one of us, being equal in most if not all respects?

Of course, you can pick up most science fiction novels and movies that explore the question of what might happen should our creation get too intelligent for our own good.

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