Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Weird names...

These parents named their child something strange, but the father has the stranger of the names...


Stalin names child 'Tsunami'

A COUPLE in south India today named their son Tsunami after learning the two-month-old had survived the killer waves which lashed their beachside hamlet two weeks ago.

Fisherman Stalin and his wife Jesurani, who like many Indians use only one name, ran for safety carrying their baby when the tsunamis hit their coastal village in the Colachel area of Tamil Nadu state.
But in the stampede the couple lost their infant boy.

Hours later, when the commotion subsided, they went looking for their son's body, assuming that he was dead.

"We were crestfallen and thought that God does not even want us to perform the last rites for our baby.

But we were thrilled when someone came and told us that our boy is kept in the local church, awaiting transfer to a relief camp," Jesurani said.

"Because the tsunamis spared his life, we decided to name him Tsunami."

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