Friday, February 25, 2005

Political Roadkill...

Colin Barnett can nearly say goodbye to becoming premier aft Saturday's election with a simple but huge error in adding up his costings.

At his press conference to present the Coalitions costings of their election promises, they included a summary sheet of savings that they can make. It showed $612 million in savings just from scrapping Labor initiated projects. The problem was relaised when the items only added up to $407 million. Where did the other $200 million in savings come from?

The Australian has a good report of the moment when Colin was made aware of the fuck up.

"I asked Barnett to explain the mistake. As the cameras rolled, he burbled on about "notional savings" and tried to change the subject. Once highlighted, the simple, horrendous error dominated the announcement. Questions rained on the Liberal leader like bullets. Barnett muttered something about "arithmetic discrepancy", turned crimson and began to sweat. The exchange became juvenile.

TV reporter: These figures don't add up.

Barnett: Yes, they do.

TV reporter: No, they don't.

Barnett: Yes, they do.

Liberal strategists wore thousand-yard stares as their man, and possibly the election, vaporised on video. Barnett valiantly soldiered on, attempting to shift attention to the Gallop Government's profligacy. All anyone wanted to talk about was the $200million."

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