Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Where is the crime in this?

The Scotsman has an article about downloading TV shows with the headline 'Desperate viewers turn to crime'.

The article reads like a MPAA press release. Example:
"With broadband making it easier than ever to transfer huge files, the UK is the world’s leading downloader of pirate TV programmes, "stolen" from the US where they are shown months in advance."

A few points to consider:
* Isn't copyright infringement a civil matter, not a criminal one?
* How often do people tape a show off TV and hand out the tape? And how is this different other than the range and number of times it can be 'handed' out?
* Movie studios have skirted around this problem by releasing the big hype movies on the same day worldwide.
* If televisions stations would stop f*cking around with their schedules, the audience might actually be able to know when a show is on each week without having to scan the TV guide.

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