Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lies and deception on ten

I'm having trouble getting my head around the recent proliferation of deceptive television program promos on Network Ten.

An new episode of the Simpsons was advertised as being somewhat akin to Lost, but the episode entitled Mommie Beerest had nothing to do with Lost or being marooned on an island after a plane crash. It was about Marge becoming partners with Moe in his tavern following Homer's re-mortgaging of their home to help Moe rebuild his tavern.

A promo for an episode of Law and Order SVU stated "How far will he go to keep her quiet?", indicating a detective is up to no good to cover a secret. The episode featured no ill deed, and the detective didn't do anything to the suspect that was untoward.

Now promos for the OC touted "girl on girl action" for three weeks in a row and there is still no girl on girl action.

What is happening at Ten? Some promos are outright trying to deceive you into watching a show under false pretenses, and others just seem like the promo producers have no clue what the episode will be about.

I wonder if promotion material for TV shows comes from the producers of the same shows, and are merely re-run by unsuspecting programmers, or is there insults afoot at Channel Ten, where they think that stupid viewers won't realise they've been gypped?

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