Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Not getting much sleep due to a teething child has strange effects on your thoughts.

While watching some late night TV I was thinking about classifying some shows down to a basic level.

Here are some of my thoughts:
* Video Hits - 1902 phone based competitions ($0.55/minute) padded out with crap pop video clips
* Desperate Housewives - Escapism TV for women who feel better that these glamourous women cheat on their partners and have delinquent kids and/or partners, just like them
* Stargate: Atlantis - Possibly more fitting would be 'Stargate: Voyager', but without that scary Janeway character and no silly looking uniforms
* Battlestar Galactica - 'Home & Away' in space, with some CGI space scenes instead of beach scenes

1 comment:

tealou said...

Hope the teething passes soon :) It can be a miserable time...

Like your assessment of the shows. I find it hard to believe that Desperate Housewives was written by a man, to be honest. There is something inately feminist about the show, beleive it or not. I love it.