Monday, May 30, 2005

Damn Schapelle... Still...

Miranda Devine of the SMH has had her say on the Schapelle Corby saga. It isn't because she has an opinion on the former-beauty students' troubles in Bali, nearly everyone does, but her thoughts on the matter produced a quizzical look on my face.

The opinion piece is full of strangeness all the way through but there are a few notable passages that deserve to be highlighted.

Schapelle's Princess Diana-like popularity in Australia is seemingly unstoppable.

Huh? Where did Miranda pull this from? In my opinion there wasn't too many people who wanted Princess Diana to be thrown in gaol, but on the other hand I know a fair few people who thought that the hype and sensationalism over Schapelle was proof that she was guilty and deserved to be put in gaol for drug trafficking.

The Australian public has seen what Corby's defence team saw long ago: a transcendent grace that makes her guilt implausible. Her strength of character, not to mention the careful styling and stunning good looks, improved in recent months by jail-time weight loss, have bolstered her claim she is innocent and that corrupt baggage handlers planted the drugs in her boogie board bag.

Another clanger... How the hell do you link the fact that she is seems graceful, seemingly good looking (although, I don't see it) and seemingly been improved by her malnourishment in a Bali gaol to the fact she is innocent? Since when did someone's looks surpass the need for evidence.

The drugs were in her bag and were technically in her possession. The evidence of bag tampering by the baggage handlers was complete hearsay and probably wouldn't have even been allowed to be admitted in an Australian court.

And then there are the claims of corruption in the Indonesian legal system. If there was any fact to these claims, I would love to hear about it. And with the attention that this case has attracted, keeping the back room deals behind closed doors would be quite hard. Anyway, if her defence team did their job properly, she wouldn't be in a Bali gaol today...

And still more is the claims that Abu Bakar Bashir only got 2.5 years for his part in the Bali bombings. What short memories people have... After the Bali bombing both the US and Australia pushed Indonesia into creating a whole stack of anti-terrorism laws that would apply to anyone found to be part of the Bali bombings, even though Indonesia already had existing laws that were adequate. When Bashir was convicted under these new laws and his subsequent appeal, the Indonesian Supreme Court found that the anti-terrorism laws did not apply and those charges were forced to be dropped. What he was left with was a few very minor conspiracy charges, thus the 2.5 years.

I don't give a shit about Schapelle in particular, what annoys me is that there are 150 other Australians in gaol in Indonesia on drug charges. Why didn't these people get the same sort of attention? And will the Bali 9 get the same sort of attention that Schapelle has received? At present I am sad to say that they never will because they aren't caucasian, female and supposedly good looking.

If Schapelle looked like this, would she receive the same attention?

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Tom said...

I love this line:

"improved in recent months by jail-time weight loss"

She's effectively saying: "She was alright looking, but could have stood to lose a few pounds. Now she's hot that she's super thin."