Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Fullyshick eh bro...

Found this in my inbox...

After the race between My Cousins VL vs My Brothers Friends VL we pulled up at Muzzatech Performance in Coburg and we see Con there. Because I'm such good friends with Con I yell "Yalla Re how u go Bro" Con didn't answer me maybe he didn't see me.....because I'm such good friends with him he shoulda recognized me.

So me and Spiro park our 6 second VL in a disabled parking spot cause Spiro is on workers comp and hurt his back lifting bricks. So we go inside to Con and ask "Do you sell da boost bro" Con goes Na bro but I got a VX GTS 300kw.

Then Spiro goes V8's are shiit re...my cousins Skyline will rip it up. So we tell Spiros cousin to come down and have a race down Nicholson St.....he says the tram track give better traction for dragging.

I know from my uncle that the Holden GTS is the fastest car that Holden has built its got 300kw so it can beat Ferraris cause its a V8 with 300kw and that it can beat all the Jap cars cause they only got 206kw....the GTS has 300kw so its much much faster and also the car has more than 300kw cause con fitted a exhaust so its got more like 450kw but con doesn't like to brag about how good his exhaust is.

Soon Spiro's mate Habib rocks up with the R33. It has over 1000HP using stock internals. Habibs R33 is the 3.3 Liter version. The R32 only came with a 3.2 liter and the R34 a 3.4liter. That's why they are called R32-R34. Habib has run a 8 second pass using his G-Tech timer which is really accurate cause we recalibrated it for the altitude here on Bell St. He has stroked his to 5.0 liter and put a home made BOV on to control boost with. He also used 20 head gaskets stacked on top of each other to lower the comp ratio to 3.0-1. Even with his truck turbo and cooler he says it spools by 2000rpm Phwooaarr Sik Re it sounds like its mad. Habib has the number plates JETJET747 on his skyline cause it's the fastest Skyline in da world and deserves those plates. Our connection at the Vic Roads got us 9 letter number-plates. If use want des plates u have to speak to Mario from Vic Roads he can hook u up wif da plates.

So we go to Nicholson St and cause my uncle is friends with da cops they will let us drag all the time....mate its cause we got so many connections. So Con has his family in the back of the VX and also his trailer cause V8's got so much torque they can drag race up hill with trailer and family in da back and still beat Jap cars.

Yassu Re so the lights go green and Con stalls his GTS up to 7000rpm and launches at 8000rpm cause he has a Cop chip he can do this. The car does a Fullshick burnout and Habib puts his Skyline in drive and goes after him.....because Habib's Skyline is so powerful it just wheel-spins until 4th gear.......this means it's a really powerful car and really quick. Cars that can't do burnouts are slow cause if u race someone and they cant do a burnout on launch that means they are very slow.

Wallah back to the race because we are not stupid we race on the tram tracks because its safer than anywhere else and its safe enough to reach 300kmph. Both cars are now going 140kmph and we haven't even changed into 2nd gear yet.... PWOARRR these cars are fast. Re.......we are a little bit behind Cons car and I say "Eh bro u gotta beat him quick put in more boost" So Habib puts his boost to 5-BAR which is pretty safe cause he has a Truck cooler. We start to catch Con and are neck to neck....&^%#! re this was getting close. By this stage we were doing 200kmph and if Habib lost I would have to bash him so I could impress Con and get him to work on my VL for free at mates rates

Soon we hit 300kmph and by that stage we are winning...den my cousin calls me on da new Nokia phone. I tell him we are racing and he says he'll meet us at da finish line near Metro.

Den I see da finish line and we are just in front and we beat on.....then we stop but der is a corner ahead..."sh1t re" I yell. We stop in time but con doesn't luckily his Holden GTS has FE2 suspension and he was able to take that corner at 150kpmh like the car was on rails.

After we stop outside metro and see Con. He said his diff was playing up and he missed a gear otherwise he woulda beat us cause his is a 10 sec car. Also if he had a Monsta tacho he could of beaten us more easily. Dat race was sik though and cause we were such good racers we have been offered a job to teach the V8 Supercar drivers how to race properly.

So we go drive round da CBD and dis hot b1tch see Habibs Skyline so I yell "Hey bitch get in da car" This pickup line worked so I rooted her in da back of da skyline an then had to drop her off cause I had to go visit my nonna in time for dinner.

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