Thursday, May 26, 2005

Jesus and file sharing...

After reading this article on the Sutherland Shire Christian School. The year 12 bible reading class asked themselves what would Jesus do about file-sharing.

The students ended up applying Exodus 20:15 to the issue and decided that file-sharing is stealing and thus wrong.

It all makes sense I guess... until you consider Mark 6:41 where he took five loaves and two fishes and fed five thousand men. How could he do that without copying the food he had? Did he have any consideration for damage he was doing to the baking and fishing industries?

Any thoughts?

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James said...

Yep I've got a comment.. there's a Year 12 Bible reading class? There's got to be some dumb mofo's at that school if they're still learning to read in Yr 12...

Even in my conservative Catholic school formalised religious instruction was eschewed in favour of TEE preparation in our final year. Surely that would be a better use of these students time as if they haven't picked up some lessons about how to live life by now it's probably a lost cause.

On the WWJD (what would Jesus do) debate file sharing isn't really an issue for Him. He's omnipresent so he's already where the torrents are. I can't imagine the Son of God not having broadband anyway and I doubt he'd need to download files containing movies, music etc. as he'd already be aware of their content being omnipotent (or was that omniverous?).

So what would Jesus do? Well remember when he was speaking in the temple? Of course you don't it was nearly 2000 years ago... Do you remember reading in the papers of the time about him telling the pharisees that they were corrupt and should share their wealth with the poor? Wouldn't Jesus want the masses to share in the wonders of His creation? Didn't he say that all were welcome in his Father's house? Surely that means to sit down and watch movies on the big screen as well.... or listen to the music being served from His network (open and without encryption).

In fact didn't He pioneer file sharing by sending heavenly host / angels to share the joy of his birth with the shepherds, wise men etc. by them heralding his arrival with song?

Didn't he die for all of our sins thus being the ultimate torrent and then mirror 3 days later?

So surely helping one's fellow man to share in the joy of creation can't be a sin.

In closing I remember an archival soundbite of Jesus saying, "You would have no authority had it not been given you by my Father"... so he spoke to Pilate, so shall he reiterate to the RIAA, MPAA etc.