Thursday, May 05, 2005

Road Rage: The Positives

I witnessed a road rage event yesterday afternoon. The 'rager' was unceremoniously cut off by the 'ragee', who neglected to use and indicator and tried to squeeze into a gap that a smart fortwo wouldn't fit into.

At the next set of lights, the 'rager' alighted from his vehicle and went and vented at the 'ragee'. I could not hear what was being said but it was being said in a very emphatic way going by the veins in the guy's forehead. No physical violence was dealt out but there was a bit of finger pointing and gesticulating.

At the time I thought the 'ragee' might not have deserved it, but after the lights went green and he drove off down the road, he was driving in a more controlled way. This got me thinking about the positives of road rage. If everyone was scared of being yelled at or punched they might actually start to think about what they do behind the wheel of their car.

Of course, actions resulting in physical harm or forcing people off the road isn't a good thing, but making the morons think about what they are doing could be a very Good Thing(tm).

FYI the 'rager' was driving a Charade and the 'ragee' was in a VT Commodore.


tealou said...

I reckon that cars should have a boxing glove attached on a spring, and you can hit it if someone pisses you off.

Instant results! :)

Tom said...

I myself today was the victim of gesticulating road rage from a truckie.

Twas a fine morning, a lot like today. Hang on, I just said it was today.

Anyway. Took off from the lights from behind a truck, where the road briefly splits into two at the lights themselves and promptly tightens.

There was a car in front of me immediately behind the truck and they went for it. Unfortunately they didn't go for it fast enough, and everybody in FRONT of the truck had trouble merging. I saw this but decided to go for it.

The truck driver also decided to keep going despite me being there. Perhaps he saw me, maybe he didn't.

I narrowly avoded being pushed aside by the truck and it was a stupid dangerous move that woke me up somewhat, moreso than the truck's horn.

I was going to wave sorry to him when next I could see him, but when I finally did see him he was a rough looking bogan pulling a finger sign at him so I didn't bother.

I contemplated blowing a kiss, though.