Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hello pot, meet kettle...

From this article, our illustrious Federal Government is having a spit about Qantas being restricted on flying to European destinations, in particular London. Seems like a bit of protectionism on the part of the Europeans doesn't it?

From the Transport Minister, John Anderson:
"I am really concerned, really concerned, that Qantas just does not have the access it needs into Europe and into London particular," Anderson told reporters.

"This global obsession by many governments to have their carrier at whatever cost to the taxpayer, is a real problem for us."

But if you look at this article on the same subject, you find out that just last week Qantas successfully lobbied the Federal Government to block Singapore Airlines from flying the Sydney-LA trans-pacific flight.

The Federal Government last week refused to grant Singapore Airlines access to the lucrative Australia-Los Angeles route, saying "the time is not right".

Qantas, which makes about 15 per cent of its profits on the prized route, lobbied strongly against SIA access, with chief executive Geoff Dixon speaking publicly of the need to move jobs offshore if Qantas' government-funded rivals won concessions.

Do Qantas want a level playing field or don't they?

Qantas is a company that has traded on its Aussie image for too long without offering something to back it up. Sure they are the Flying Kangaroo and 'Our' airline, but personally, I would rather fly with Singapore Airlines than Qantas any day. The service, food and general feeling on SIA flights leaves Qantas for dead.

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