Sunday, June 19, 2005


This whole Douglas Wood scenario shows how duplicitous the federal government can be. Firstly it says there was an intelligence tip that led to the rescue of Mr Wood, next we hear that 'Team Australia' were responsible for the release of Mr Wood, and now we hear that Mr Wood was found only by accident when the Iraqi forces were searching a neighbourhood in Baghdad for something coompletely unrelated.

If John Howard and Alexander Downer didn't know the full story about the release of Douglas Wood, why did they spin such crap to the people of Australia? Who knows, they may have known the full details and still chose to run with a false line, which makes it all the worse I believe.

I can give the Howard Government a bit of credit, they must have some of the best political strategists that you can get. It is the strategists that are responsible for the success of this government's continued popularity. The fact that they can come through unscathed from all sorts of scandals shows how well their strategies are working. Children overboard and Iraqi intelligence are the two most notable examples of their failings.

I wonder when Howard will send his 'Team Australia' to go and save another Australian who is being held against his will in a foreign country for no reason. David Hicks was taken by the US Forces 3 years ago, and has been held since then in Cuba with no charges being brought against him. If he was doing something wrong, charge hgim with something and put him to trail, but isn't 3 years more than long enough to work out what he was doing that was illegal?

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