Tuesday, June 07, 2005

TV Piracy... Get my parrot! Aarrrr

This article in todays SMH is the first time I have seen anything relating to TV viewers taking things into their own hands in the mainstream media. So many people have broadband now and giving them the name of the software to download their favourite TV shows will only make the torrent community bigger.

The article also has a list of unshown episodes in Australia. No surprises that Ten doesn't have any outstanding episodes of The Simpsons :)


Smallville 54 episodes unshown here
Judging Amy 40 eps
The West Wing 31 eps
Gilmore Girls 29 eps
Third Watch 27 eps (C)
Malcolm in the Middle 24 eps
Joan of Arcadia 36 episodes (C)
Farscape 22 eps and a miniseries (C)


That 70s show 79 eps unshown here
Bad Girls 56 eps
8 Simple Rules 31 eps (C)
Jag 30 eps (C)
Arrested Development 25 eps
Boston Public 19 eps (C)


One Tree Hill 34 eps unshown here
NYPD Blue 32 eps (C)
The Osbournes 10 eps (C)
The Guardian 9 eps (C)
The Secret Life of Us 8 eps

C = now cancelled in the US

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