Friday, July 29, 2005

Porsche announces four-door car

The 928/944 returns...

To be called the Panamera, the car will have four doors and four seats but will have a swooping, coupe-like profile. It will have a front-mounted engine driving the rear wheels. Pricing for the car, which is still under development, has not been announced.

Scrubs has a new home...

After channel 7's typical act of starting a series then playing hide n' seek with the regular viewers, The Comedy Channel has picked up the rights to Scrubs and will be starting at episode 1, series 1 at 8:30pm September 1st.

Now I just wish I had a PVR to start collecting them digitally.

Is Chevron making an effort or is it just PR?

Chevron has put together a website called 'Will You Join Us?' to try and highlight the issue of limited oil resources. For a company that is primarily an oil production, refinery and supply company, does this mean that Chevron is worried about when Peak Oil when finally arrive.

Peak Oil definition from Wikipedia:
The Hubbert peak theory, also known as peak oil, is an influential theory concerning the long-term rate of conventional oil (and other fossil fuel) extraction and depletion. It predicts that future world oil production will reach a peak and then rapidly decline. The actual peak year will only be known after it has passed.

I know it could be just a PR effort to make it look like they care about declining energy reserves. And looking around the site they don't seem to worry about the environmental impacts of oil use, they seem more concerned that because oil consumption is so high, they can't find enough oil fast enough for everyone's needs. This means they want you to reduce your consumption so their business lasts longer.

Although some fruit loop (they may, in fact, be called geniuses in the future though) geologists have a theory that deep in the Earth's crust there are rock types that are secreting oil and gas. Time will tell I suppose...

Windows Vista: The beginning of the end for the System Registry

What? MS is revolutionising the way application load their local settings by going to application config files? What innovation!

The article doesn't say if parts of the registry will remain which I think it will to retain compatibility with existing software. Plus file associations is a perfect use of the registry.

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How to create Firefox extensions

Everyone has a good idea at one time or another to implement a new feature in a web browser. Well now you can do just that by developing extensions for FireFox.

You need to have a vague understanding of XUL and Javascript, but you certainly don't need to be a master of either.

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New Batteries Last Twice as Long

Panasonic plans to bring to the market a battery that it says is the most significant advancement in the technology behind batteries since alkaline was introduced in 1965.

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Ya f*cking what?

Geez, the intelligence of USians and thier willingness to pursue legal action still continues to amaze me...

A grandmother is suing Take Two interactive (Article here) for engaging in false, misleading and deceptive practices because she bought GTA:SA for her 14-year-old grandson and it wasn't labelled that it had hidden, sexually explicit scenes.

Never mind that the game was initially rated "M" for mature, for players 17 which is measured using the following guidelines:
Titles rated M (Mature) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content, and/or strong language.

Why doesn't she go and ask her grandson why he downloaded a third-party patch and applied it so that he could see the 'hidden' scene? Why can't people take responsibility for themselves?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Windows Vista Beta 1 Leaked

The first limited beta of Windows Vista leaked within the first day of its release. Of course I won't give you the direct link as that may be considered illegal...

But I will give you a link to a BitTorrent search site... go here

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Automatically Download TV Shows

Now we are getting somewhere...

Mix the up to dateness of an RSS feed with the download potential of BitTorrent and you have a pain in the arse way of downloading TV shows.

They need to work on bringing this together into a much simpler method.

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Linkage to Doom Trailer

The Doom movie is coming and it actually might not suck as much I thought it would. It looks like the game has been transferred to the screen fairly well, the sets look just like the environment in Doom 3.

I wonder if you get a torch supplied when you go into the theatre to watch it?

And no CG monsters:
Particularly noteworthy are the movie's creatures, suitably reminiscent of the baddies you've gleefully blown to bits in the game, and skillfully realized by make-up effects master Stan Winston and his creative team – the same studio that created the monsters for Alien, Predator and many other creature features.
Hi-res and lo-res WMV and QT downloads available here.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

House Update #1 - We have action...

We have action!
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We got a message from the builder that site works would be starting on Donna's birthday, 1st of August, but we went for a drive out to the block to see how the park landscaping was going and we found someone had been doing some work.

The block has been levelled and compacted quite well. I wonder how long it will sit before the pipework and footings are dug in...

This means higher loan repayments are getting closer and closer...

Monday, July 18, 2005

Terrorist Conglomeration...

Google Earth

Alarmist journalism at it's very best. Starting with a disclaimer from Google:
In no event shall Google be liable to you or anyone else for any direct, special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind,
The two writers came up with a terrorism twisted tale about Google Earth and its ability to see everything on the planet. Then they manage to drag in a Civil Liberties campaigner to give the following 'scary' quotes:
"Anybody could get still photographs of a house and work out how to break in - how to get access from a balcony at the back of the second floor," Mr Murphy said.

The Australian Government should pass laws that allow people to choose not to have their property or person appear on such programs, he said.

"The technology is moving forward so fast that the law is just not catching up - we need strong privacy laws that are adaptable to the technology," Mr Murphy said.
Is this loony going to also try and ban aircraft from having windows?

Book Burning

More alarmist journalism about a few books in Islamic bookshops that have been endorsed by Osama bin Laden. The content of the books is in question, they discuss to the effectiveness of suicide bombings and attacks the 'Western' world.

Just because they preach hate of the 'western world', doesn't mean we should ban them. If we used that rationale, then 'western' media should have all been been banned for their anti-muslim coverage that started in earnest from Sept 11.

Sticking our heads in the sand won't make terrorism go away, neither will shooting people.

Australia Card - Epsiode II

Maybe some sane people inhabit the Federal Parliament. Having a national identity card will not stop terrorism in Australia. And anyway, don't most of us carry an identity card with us at all times anyway? Got a photo driver's licence in your wallet/purse? And don't you use it to prove who you are for all identity related activities?

Terrorism Apathy

Terrorist attacks in a major capital city has killed scores of people in a foreign country. Is this London? No. Is this New York? No. It is Baghdad and the surrounding areas.

170 people killed in a week of bombings and all it gets is a few small stories or a minutes coverage on the evening news. The media is not helping calm the terrorist threat by skimming over 3 times the number of deaths from the bombings in London, which got continuous coverage for a few days. What it tells me is that the 'western' world doesn't value human life as much as they proclaim to.

I do not condone the bombings in Iraq at all but a more even approach to the reporting might be a bit wiser.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

In Howard's World...

...this would never happen.

Unfair Dismissal

From the article:
A WOMAN employed to guard a duck pond from unaccompanied children has been paid $5600 after being unfairly sacked for just doing her job.
The commission heard that, on July 11 last year, Mrs Holland had approached a nine-year-old child and said: "Excuse me, possum, you need to wait for your mum because you need adult supervision when near the duck pond."

She was employed to keep unsupervised children younger than 13 away from the water.

But the girl's grandmother took exception, saying, "Who do you think you are to tell my granddaughter what to do?"

The grandmother subsequently complained to the park's curator, who put pressure on her employer, NSK Services, to sack her.

Mr Kapolos, Mrs Holland's boss, said the woman who had made the complaint was "influential in the council".
Under Howard's IR Grand Plan, the worker would have no recourse to fight this. The abolishment of unfair dismissal laws is definitely a step in the wrong direction.

I wonder if events of ex-employees going 'postal' are going to increase in Australia?

Annual Leave

As more questions are being asked about Howard's IR Grand Plan, it has come to light that workers may be encouraged to cash in two weeks of their annual leave.
This article reveals that Australia is already one of the hardest working nations in the western world with an average of 1855 hours per year.

From the article:
Australians on average work 1855 hours a year, or 38.6 hours a week if you assume they work 48 weeks a year. That Australia also has the West's second highest rate of part-time workers, Tiffen and Gittins add, "makes its position at the top of the league of hard workers even more remarkable".

US workers are second, averaging 1835 hours a year, followed by Japan (1821) and New Zealand (1817). Finland (1730) led the table in Western Europe, followed by the much-maligned British workers, who put in 1708 hours a year - three hours a week less than Australians.

Workers in only three Western countries have lower leave entitlements than Australia. In the US, there is no legal leave entitlement, but there is a de facto minimum of 10 days' leave and the average worker takes 17. Similarly, in Japan, the legal minimum is 10 days but the average is 18.
Is this another case of Howard trying to turn us into the US?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More stupid white cunts...

To Whom It May Concern,

To all of you that decided to vote with your own self-interests and give control of the Senate to the Coalition, your souls will rot in whatever nasty place your religion believes in. If you have no religion, you don't have a soul and you will be assigned to a palliative care ward changing bed pans for eternity.

I can understand you voting for the Government in the House of Representatives, there wasn't much choice on the other side of the house in there. But the Senate should be a limiting factor in the overzealous use of power and should be made up of a more balanced collection of representatives.

What happened at the last election handed complete power to the Government to do whatever they want. Now the Industrial Relations reform laws are going to be pushed through without a hassle. What it means to you is less job security, less holidays, less pay and more hours. Sounds like a lark doesn't it?

If only you had voted with some sort of conscience on the ungainly Senate ballot paper. Selfish pricks...

And the IR laws are only the start, Howard has made it clear he wants to review the foreign and cross media ownership laws as well. He has tried to get them through before but without any form of opposition in the Senate, we can say bye-bye to independent media and say hello to Fox News...

Good day.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Stupid White Cunt... (was Stupid Rugby Player...)

I know, I know, the title of this post may be a bit redundant, 'Rugby Player' would have probably sufficed but, oh well.

Well the
silly rugby player in question called an opponent a 'black cunt' and is now going to be dragged over the coals of racial vilification. The fact he said it to a black person shows that he isn't totally stupid.

The really stupid bit is that he actually used the word 'black', if he had of left that out, this incident would be something that was forgotten about 30 seconds after it happened. Maybe it might not have disappearred that quick, but the retaliatory hit that would have come later would have closed the case promptly.

That is the problem with these racial vilification rules in most sports, I can understand the issues if you used a deliberately inciteful term like 'nigger' or 'coon', but saying what colour they are before the insult only changes the selection pool for the application of the insult.


Let me explain. If you call an asian person a 'cunt' you are implying that they are an extremely low person in the general scheme of things. But if you call that same person an 'asian cunt', all you are saying is that they are an extremely low from Asia. It doesn't change the meaning of the insult, just the population group you are measured against. I think plain old 'cunt' is a worse insult in this case.

I wonder how Google will rank this blog entry...