Friday, July 29, 2005

Is Chevron making an effort or is it just PR?

Chevron has put together a website called 'Will You Join Us?' to try and highlight the issue of limited oil resources. For a company that is primarily an oil production, refinery and supply company, does this mean that Chevron is worried about when Peak Oil when finally arrive.

Peak Oil definition from Wikipedia:
The Hubbert peak theory, also known as peak oil, is an influential theory concerning the long-term rate of conventional oil (and other fossil fuel) extraction and depletion. It predicts that future world oil production will reach a peak and then rapidly decline. The actual peak year will only be known after it has passed.

I know it could be just a PR effort to make it look like they care about declining energy reserves. And looking around the site they don't seem to worry about the environmental impacts of oil use, they seem more concerned that because oil consumption is so high, they can't find enough oil fast enough for everyone's needs. This means they want you to reduce your consumption so their business lasts longer.

Although some fruit loop (they may, in fact, be called geniuses in the future though) geologists have a theory that deep in the Earth's crust there are rock types that are secreting oil and gas. Time will tell I suppose...

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Tom said...

the non-biological oil theory is not very well know or popular, but I think it is no more fanciful than the theory that crude oil comes from fossilised plant and animal matter.

It is a bit of a misnomer that these fuels are called fossil fuels, even though their true origin, it seems, is not certain.