Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More stupid white cunts...

To Whom It May Concern,

To all of you that decided to vote with your own self-interests and give control of the Senate to the Coalition, your souls will rot in whatever nasty place your religion believes in. If you have no religion, you don't have a soul and you will be assigned to a palliative care ward changing bed pans for eternity.

I can understand you voting for the Government in the House of Representatives, there wasn't much choice on the other side of the house in there. But the Senate should be a limiting factor in the overzealous use of power and should be made up of a more balanced collection of representatives.

What happened at the last election handed complete power to the Government to do whatever they want. Now the Industrial Relations reform laws are going to be pushed through without a hassle. What it means to you is less job security, less holidays, less pay and more hours. Sounds like a lark doesn't it?

If only you had voted with some sort of conscience on the ungainly Senate ballot paper. Selfish pricks...

And the IR laws are only the start, Howard has made it clear he wants to review the foreign and cross media ownership laws as well. He has tried to get them through before but without any form of opposition in the Senate, we can say bye-bye to independent media and say hello to Fox News...

Good day.

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