Monday, July 04, 2005

Stupid White Cunt... (was Stupid Rugby Player...)

I know, I know, the title of this post may be a bit redundant, 'Rugby Player' would have probably sufficed but, oh well.

Well the
silly rugby player in question called an opponent a 'black cunt' and is now going to be dragged over the coals of racial vilification. The fact he said it to a black person shows that he isn't totally stupid.

The really stupid bit is that he actually used the word 'black', if he had of left that out, this incident would be something that was forgotten about 30 seconds after it happened. Maybe it might not have disappearred that quick, but the retaliatory hit that would have come later would have closed the case promptly.

That is the problem with these racial vilification rules in most sports, I can understand the issues if you used a deliberately inciteful term like 'nigger' or 'coon', but saying what colour they are before the insult only changes the selection pool for the application of the insult.


Let me explain. If you call an asian person a 'cunt' you are implying that they are an extremely low person in the general scheme of things. But if you call that same person an 'asian cunt', all you are saying is that they are an extremely low from Asia. It doesn't change the meaning of the insult, just the population group you are measured against. I think plain old 'cunt' is a worse insult in this case.

I wonder how Google will rank this blog entry...

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