Monday, July 18, 2005

Terrorist Conglomeration...

Google Earth

Alarmist journalism at it's very best. Starting with a disclaimer from Google:
In no event shall Google be liable to you or anyone else for any direct, special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind,
The two writers came up with a terrorism twisted tale about Google Earth and its ability to see everything on the planet. Then they manage to drag in a Civil Liberties campaigner to give the following 'scary' quotes:
"Anybody could get still photographs of a house and work out how to break in - how to get access from a balcony at the back of the second floor," Mr Murphy said.

The Australian Government should pass laws that allow people to choose not to have their property or person appear on such programs, he said.

"The technology is moving forward so fast that the law is just not catching up - we need strong privacy laws that are adaptable to the technology," Mr Murphy said.
Is this loony going to also try and ban aircraft from having windows?

Book Burning

More alarmist journalism about a few books in Islamic bookshops that have been endorsed by Osama bin Laden. The content of the books is in question, they discuss to the effectiveness of suicide bombings and attacks the 'Western' world.

Just because they preach hate of the 'western world', doesn't mean we should ban them. If we used that rationale, then 'western' media should have all been been banned for their anti-muslim coverage that started in earnest from Sept 11.

Sticking our heads in the sand won't make terrorism go away, neither will shooting people.

Australia Card - Epsiode II

Maybe some sane people inhabit the Federal Parliament. Having a national identity card will not stop terrorism in Australia. And anyway, don't most of us carry an identity card with us at all times anyway? Got a photo driver's licence in your wallet/purse? And don't you use it to prove who you are for all identity related activities?

Terrorism Apathy

Terrorist attacks in a major capital city has killed scores of people in a foreign country. Is this London? No. Is this New York? No. It is Baghdad and the surrounding areas.

170 people killed in a week of bombings and all it gets is a few small stories or a minutes coverage on the evening news. The media is not helping calm the terrorist threat by skimming over 3 times the number of deaths from the bombings in London, which got continuous coverage for a few days. What it tells me is that the 'western' world doesn't value human life as much as they proclaim to.

I do not condone the bombings in Iraq at all but a more even approach to the reporting might be a bit wiser.

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