Friday, August 19, 2005

If this happens now, imagine the future...

If this happens now under a system where workers have some protections, how much worse is it going to get under the planned IR changes that Howard wants to put in place?

A former Krispy Kreme staff member, Thea Birch Fitch, 22, told the Senate inquiry into AWAs she felt she was left with no choice but to sign an AWA.

"I did not wish to be employed on an AWA but I was compelled to sign the agreement," Ms Birch said in her submission.

She said the contract she signed expected her to work 10 consecutive days without overtime pay, more than 12 hours without overtime and split shifts without overtime.

The company has denied it forced anyone onto AWAs.

Forced is a fairly strong word, but giving the worker a choice between 10 hours a week on an award agreement or a full working week on a crappy AWA is choice. You can choose to earn hardly any money, or you can choose to have a full time job. You just get raped on the conditions.

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