Friday, August 26, 2005

Maybe if they produced decent product...

Hollywood is in trouble, their summer blockbuster season is coming to an end and the results are not good.
LOS ANGELES, Aug. 23 - With the last of the summer blockbusters fading from the multiplex, Hollywood's box office slump has hardened into a reality that is setting the movie industry on edge. The drop in ticket sales from last summer to this summer, the most important moviegoing season, is projected to be 9 percent by Labor Day, and the drop in attendance is expected to be even deeper, 11.5 percent, according to Exhibitor Relations, which tracks the box office.

They give a few reasons why people are staying away and surprisingly piracy and file-sharing is never mentioned. Some of their reasons for people not going to the movies:
  • a failure of studio marketing
  • high petrol prices
  • commercials before the movie
  • mobile phones annoyances
I really don't think these things really impact on why I don't go to the movies, the main reasons I don't go are:
  • recent movies have been fairly crap
  • high ticket prices, cheaper to rent a DVD at home
  • high, or rather criminally high, prices for popcorn and drinks
A trip to the movies these days is a $25 outing, minimum, for two people. I can sit at home, in my comfy recliner, and watch a DVD at the volume I want, eat the snack food I want, pause the show if I want and for a lot less coin.

It seems the movie studios are starting to cotton on to the idea that making crap movies does not pay off:
At Universal, Mr. Shmuger said he intends to reassert "time and care and passion" in movie production. Some of his own summer movies, he conceded, should never have been made.

He declined to name them.

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Tom said...

Yes I think their possible reasons are way off. Perhaps higher petrol prices don't help when combined with the enormous cost.

Its $15 EACH for an adult ticket unless you get a voucher book.

Then, as you mentioned, the Popcorn et al.

So its easily $50 for a couple.

I've been quite accustomed to waiting for movies on DVD. Yes you get a lag time, but it has all the benefits you described.