Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New Cars

America's hottest sports ute has arrived Down Under. A local company is converting the Chevrolet SSR to right-hand drive.

Probably one of the best looking utes ever made (big call I know), the Chevy SSR would be a great car to have. I think the load rating for it is a crap 300kg which is about the same as a sedan which tells you about the base platform it is built on.


The day of the $100,000 LandCruiser is rapidly approaching as Toyota defies waning sales of large four-wheel-drives and pumps its luxury LandCruiser Sahara flagship full of computerised technology.

I wonder if the irony of calling something that will never see sand the Sahara is lost on the customers...


Maybe the makers are worried the vehicle will be viewed as a sexless family transporter — an image that has killed off a lot of the people mover segment.

If all wagons looked as good as the BMW 530i Touring then the people mover segment might not have issues it does.

I really don't think car makers take into consideration the wants of both drivers in a family car purchase. They target small econoboxes to single females, sports cars to impotent older males, jap rockets to young males, but the family car segment is mostly made up of 5+ seats and large load space wrapped in a boring body with 'compliant' suspension. The new advertising for the Honda Odyssey is trying to sex up and very non-sexy car which is a start.

Although if I was in the market for a good size family wagon (budget be damned), it would probably be the soon to be released Subaru Liberty 3.0R-B wagon.


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