Tuesday, August 09, 2005

PCI card to end crash problems...

I dunno how this device works, it seems all very secretive, but I would be interested in having a play. Article here.

From the company blurb:
RecoverPC changes all of this. From the moment a desktop system begins to experience any kind of sudden software issue, even if Windows cannot boot, a simple procedure of Recovering the system will restart the PC with the problem gone. Windows starts normally. Whatever the problem was, it has vanished and the system has been instantly returned to its previous baseline state.

I am guessing it takes an image of the system memory in a normal state and if there is any issues it copies the 'working' image of the memory back into system memory.

There is absolutely no detail on the site as to how it works. I get the feeling if they let on how it works the company directors might get ejected from the Magic Circle or something liek that...

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