Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Seems like a simple choice...

RSI or lung cancer...

A silver lining has been found in the mobile phone addiction of teenagers: they are so broke after coughing up the money to pay their phone bills, they can't afford to smoke.

The connection has been made by health officials in Japan who yesterday announced an unprecedented drop in the rate of smoking among teenagers.

Mobile bills put teenagers out of puff - Technology - smh.com.au

The final line in the article has me a little worried though:
This year a policy committee of the Finance Ministry was reported to have said "smoking is a non-essential grocery item of individual taste, and reduction of cigarette consumption should not be sought".

Why should a reduction in smoking it not be sought? Is it a means to keep Japan's rapidly aging population at a sustainable level? Is it cheaper to deal with the effects of smoking than keep millions of extra pensioners fed and housed?

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