Thursday, August 18, 2005

Surprise, surprise, they fucked up...

Another reason not to believe anyone in power in this so-called 'war on terror'. An investigation into the death of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes has revealed what really happened on the day he was shot.

Fuck-up 1:
The plain-clothes officer charged with photographing the suspect, however, was answering a call of nature when Mr Menezes emerged and did not have a free hand to operate his video device.

As a result, no reliable visual identification was made. The officer reported to colleagues that a male of the appropriate age had left the building, but advised that it would be worth someone else looking to obtain a positive identification.

Scotland Yard's gold command nevertheless declared a code red, and placed a team of heavily armed officers on high alert.

Fuck-up 2:
Contrary to subsequent reports, he was not wearing a bulky coat or carrying a bag. In keeping with London's spell of warm summer weather, he wore a light denim jacket.

Fuck-up 3:
Nor did he, upon arrival at the station, vault the ticket barriers - as claimed - in an attempt to evade his plain-clothes pursuers.

Instead, the leaked documents say, he used his season ticket to get through the barrier, collected a free newspaper from a nearby rack and proceeded calmly down the escalators, breaking into a run only when he saw that a train was preparing to depart.

Fuck-up 4:
Upon boarding the train, however, he was approached by a group of the police officers. One seized him while a second discharged 11 shots from a hand-gun at point-blank range.

Graphic: Fact versus fiction -

And people want the shoot-to-kill policy to stay in place?

Not with stupid gung-ho fuckwits like these guys in charge.


Tom said...

It is difficult to determine fact from fiction even now when an alternative point of view has been put forward. This is a sad fact of not being omniscient.

Assuming that things did transpire as now claimed, I am sad and disappointed in the UK police. All through the war on terror, British soldiers have been a pleasant contrast to the gung-ho Marines.

But it seems even the Brits aren't immune to going over the top.

Why the hell did they just shoot the guy? Probably very concerned that he was about go bang. Imagine this guy's suprise (although he wouldn't have felt it). Just sat down to read the paper and bang! (and bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang) He's dead.

Sad indeed.

Tom said...

Actually, I thought about this and wouldn't want to be the guy opposite Menezes. Would you just sit there and stare? Would you dare (in retrospect) get up and walk off. Would you move or blink?

Before the shooting you might say yes, but after this situation, you might think twice about moving for fear of being shot as well for some reason.

So, then, imagine if you did decide you did not want to be there and stood up, scaring the police and they shot you as well?

Craig said...

If they were so concerned he was about to go bang, why did they let him on a bus in the first place?