Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Teachers accused of anti-US bias

I am really getting sick of the bullshit flowing from the mouths of members in the Howard Government. Do they have any idea what they are talking about? Or do they have someone pulling their strings from the back stage?

The treasurer Peter Costello, not the foreign minister, has come out with a great one this time. He is accusing teachers of Anti-US bias in the classroom and this will lead to terrorism.
"If your teacher's carrying that bias it tends to get passed on," he said yesterday. "…Anti-Americanism can easily morph into anti-Westernism. Particularly you've seen that with terrorists. They don't really draw distinctions between Americans or Britons or Australians; they just like to hit anybody who they consider to be part of the West."

I don't believe teachers are carrying a specific anti-US bias. I believe they are analysing the actions of the US in a critical way in order to clearly illustrate the consequences of such actions on a global scale.

The US, Britain and Australia by close association, has shown itself to be quite deceitful to the world in order to further their own imperialistic agenda. The evidence leading up to the 2003 Iraq war is quite volumous and damning. One of the main cornerstones of the neoconservatives now running the US is to bypass diplomacy with military action, either overt or covert, to install democracy globally. I believe this has done more to further the terrorists cause than any other reason. Sticking their nose into other nations and affecting their governments has pissed of many people.

And if I remember correctly, international terrorist attacks in recent times have targetted the US, Britain or Australia in particular. The western world is not made up of just the US, Britain and Australia. Has Canada been attacked? Has Germany been attacked? Spain was attacked due to their involvement in the Iraq war but they pulled out of the war and they have received no other threats.

Teaching some kids in schools about the imperialistic nature of the US is not going to turn them into terrorists, it is more likely that these kids might start to think about the actions of nations like the US and thus think more about who they vote for when they turn 18 and their opinion suddenly matters.

To give the above comments some context, Costello was speaking at the Australian American Leadership Dialogue on Saturday night, so a fair bit of arse-licking was probably going on. Costello should really apply for a green card with comments like the following though:
"If the world is to have a hegemon, the modern United States is the kind of hegemon we would like to have: democratic, respectful of human rights, with strong and genuine belief in individual liberty," he said.

Costello's supposed modern US qualities:
  • Democratic - The fact the leader isn't even voted into power directly, but by a council of hidden members with their own agendas seems really democratic to me.
  • Respectful of human rights - Does that explain the incarceration of many 'illegal combatants' in Guantanamo Bay without access to legal representation and a fair trial?
  • Strong and genuine belief in individual liberty - At a time when the US government is eroding individual liberties in the name of terrorism seems strong and genuine to me... If you don't come from a european background, expect some 'special' treatment.

After all the US loving, I found this quote from Costello a little amusing:
"Unfortunately, America has found it much easier to spread its mass culture than to spread its high principles," he said.

You can't spread something that doesn't exist...

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