Tuesday, August 16, 2005

When life imitates electronic art

This is what happens when geeks are willing to pay REAL money for virtual items sold in a game.

I'm not sure where my idignation and distaste rest in this case. I'm not a big fan of large corporations encouraging people to spend their money on useless things (e.g. SMS voting for some reality TV show).

What has happened here is that a game publisher has enabled people to spend money on items that exist only virtually. I'm not sure how this benefits the company.

What is next?

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Craig said...

People have been trading online game items in the real world for a while now and the companies are virtually powerless to stop it.

Why not make some money from it and at the same time put some control in the transactions so people don't get ripped off? Seems like a fairly smart business decision to me.

And it is not as if it is compulsory to trade your items for real money. You can still use skill and lots of time to build up your cache of weapons, etc.