Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Don't you just love it when people who are trying to distance themselves from a messy situation relating to discrimination use the line 'I have friends who are [homosexuals/blacks/jews/disabled/etc]' as their defence?

Adam Curry (from The Daily Source Code podcast) has been talking about a bit of a racist mess regarding the legitimacy of having a white supremacist podcast listed in the community directory. An unwitting person (Podcast411) has been dragged into the mess because the makers of the racist podcast cut and pasted his RSS feed XML file and cobbled up their own without replacing all of the details.

Rob from Podcast411 sent Adam a comment on how he wasn't involved with the racist podcast. He clarified the situation by saying he wasn't involved with them, how the mistake happened and then trotted out the familiar line that some of his friends are from Israel, he loves Israel and doesn't hate anyone from Israel.

Don't people realise that they sound like they are whining for forgiveness when they use this defence? Just state you aren't involved with the offensive person/object/blah and that you don't support their opinions, that's it. Extending it any further than that makes it seem you were involved at some point and you're now trying to distance yourself from your previous associates.

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