Friday, September 23, 2005

Need a drink? Or some more tunes?

The smart little white coated fellows at Toshiba have developed a new battery. No, it isn't one that uses some special rare earth material to give outstounding power supply. It is a refillable methanol powered battery. The power comes from a catalytic reaction using the methanol and water. There are 2 models of batteries, a 100 mW version that last for 35 hours on 3.5 mL of methanol and a 300 mW version that lasts for 60 hours on 10 mL of methanol. Due to arrive in the marketplace sometime in 2007.

I suppose there has to be concerns over the safety of these batteries. Airlines won't even allow you to take a fork on board a plane, how are they going to let you take a flammable liquid aboard?

Hey Tosh, got a new battery? -

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