Friday, September 09, 2005

NOLA flood outrage....

Alright.... I've been to New Orleans, I've lived in America, I know what the people are like... Why should I be surprised by reports like this?

But I am... The worlds greatest democracy (whatever) isn't able to help it's people to start with even though they had a week's notice of the storm, the best (arguably) meteos in the world predicting it's path, numerous experts predicting this disaster scenario for LA/Miss for years. Ok so they were unprepared for the outcome and the looting etc. The head of FEMA remarked he was "surprised by the lawlessness"... really? What happened in the blackouts in NYC in 1979? No power, meant not food / water for thousands of people and they panicked - did we learn nothing from history?

That's beside the point though once the disaster occured those in authority were apparently deliberately unwilling to help. I believe negligence is the word that will be used in the myriad lawsuits to be filed in relation to this.

I am almost unable to articulate my anger and frustration with those in charge. I cannot imagine going through the Lord of the Flies scenario being played out there. The stories I've read of the uplifting services being provided by regular people in such a dire situation should lessen the feelings of distaste that I have for the unhelpful ones... they don't... They instead highlight what 'regular' people are capable of... I won't bombard you with links, but I've seen reports of kitchen staff breaking into commercial kitchens to feed the hungry, people 'stealing' boats to rescue neighbours etc. These are the people that were capable of rendering assistance when the 'professionals' were not. How can the amateurs achieve more with less than the professionals?

Imagine what will come of this on a social scale... In a few weeks when the death toll is known and the poor black majority of New Orleans is over represented in the morgues someone will hopefully speak out about this. Someone with a lot of political clout among the blacks of the region... This speech will probably be quite vitriolic and potentially incite some anger among the listeners because of it's content. If I were to make such a speech I'd be making comments about the blacks being unwanted and the whites being happy for them to be killed etc. Now normally it'd take a bit of effort to mobilise a large angry mob. Unfortunately for those in charge there will be large refugee like communities of blacks scattered across the country... Should they elect to show their displeasure with unlawful acts the effects could be at the least greater chaos. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to incite race riots across the south, nor (more) draconian police controls on groups of blacks... but the 'administrations' might like to consider what to do with a bunch of very angry displaced people once they start looking for scapegoats.

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Craig said...

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Where you drink whiskey and it tastes just like muddy water
W-a-t-e-r water
When I woke up I asked where I was
Someone with a dark brown voice said Nola
N-o-l-a nola no-no-no-no nola