Tuesday, September 27, 2005

They're big, aggressive beasts - and that's just the drivers

So this doesn't change the already established stereotypes of the fat arsehole and his vain missus in the public's eye:
The apparent victory of the giant four-wheel-drive in the urban jungle has prompted much road outrage, but now a profile of city off-roader owners confirms many prejudices, revealing them as aggressive, obese people who dislike gays and Aborigines.

And that's just the men.

The Australia Institute study found women who own luxury 4WDs were markedly different from the 40-to-50-year-old blokes: They're younger, wealthier and, while they worry about weight (their own), they couldn't care less about conspicuous consumption.

They're big, aggressive beasts - and that's just the drivers - National


James said...

Well I reckon as a 4x4 driver (not owner) that all those left wing commie, poofter, abo bastards can just go to hell :) If they don't like the way I drive they can get their eco friendly pedal cars off the footpath :P

Craig said...

I think that proves the survey correct right there...