Friday, September 23, 2005

This is the reason...

...why we should view increased police powers with suspicion.

A London underground station was evacuated and part of a main east-west line closed in a security alert on Thursday, three weeks after suicide bombers killed 52 people on the transport network, police said. (Reuters)

This Reuters story was written while the police were detaining me in Southwark tube station and the bomb squad was checking my rucksack. When they were through, the two explosive specialists walked out of the tube station smiling and commenting: "Nice laptop." The officers offered apologies on behalf of the Metropolitan police. Then they arrested me.

The article goes through the events that this fellow experienced from when he entered the tube station to when he was released with the charges being dropped.

Suspicious behaviour on the tube


Tom said...

Interesting how not looking at police is considered suspicious. But looking at them and nodding would probably do the same.

Also, having the "rucksack" with you at all times is considered suspicious as well. I know I like to leave mine unattended on the platforms of public transport stations whenever I can.

Craig said...

The main thing about this incident that is worrying, is that this guy now has a permanent DNA and fingerprint record in the police system. He didn't do anything wrong, yet still has a record.