Friday, September 09, 2005

When cartoonists lay the boot in...

Is Bush in trouble?


Tom said...

Cartoonists have a way of clearly defining such ironies to the general public.

Of course I'm not sure the people of New Orleans will be reading the paper or surfing the net, and does the rest of the country really care?

Sadly I get the feeling that, as big as this tragedy was, many Americans would still prefer to have their boys overseas fighting for the Texas tea.

Seems to be a fitting irony that a natural disaster arrives on their doorstep and causes exactly the same situation that they've feared.

The poor souls are paying around $5 for a gallon of go-juice now. My heart bleeds for them.

Craig said...

I think the US public do seem to care, opinion over the war in Iraq is really turning against Bush now.

See here for The Washington Post's poll results.