Thursday, September 15, 2005

Why are French boulevards lined with trees?

So the invading troops can walk in the shade.

Wired News: In France, Push Comes to SUV

French eco-vigilantes have started an incredibly subversive campaign to highlight the need to limit pollution. What are they doing you may ask? Letting down 4WD/SUV tyres. Really tough.

  • One who takes the law enforcement into one's own hands.
  • Self-appointed doer of justice.
  • Member of a vigilance committee
  • In modern terms, vigilantes are militias or police which attempt law enforcement, in the usual phrase, "by taking the law into their own hands". Vigilantes often operate in secret.
I think the only way these people can be described as vigilante's is that they are in a committee... damn soft-cock French.

PARIS -- A band of eco-vigilantes is taking a firm but gentle stand against fast-growing SUV sales in France and Europe, deflating the tires on gas guzzlers in a protest against conspicuous waste.

Members of a group called Les Dégonflés say they recently let the air out of tires on about half a dozen SUVs parked in the upscale VI arrondissement using bicycle pumps -- a technique that they say causes no lasting damage -- and plastered windshields with leaflets proclaiming that "nearly everyone needs an oxygen mask." A spokesman for the group said they hope to recruit new foot soldiers to the cause by demonstrating their technique in an internet broadcast next month.

6 SUVs?!? Why the hell is Wired reporting on this shit. if it was 6,000 SUVs, I would call that a real movement. But only 6, that is more like a couple of drunk guys thought it would be a lark to let down some tyres. Damn piss poor effort guys. No wonder the French always get their arse whipped in times of war.

"We have to stigmatize SUVs by initiating a debate that will allow scientists and experts to publicly (declare) their hazards," said the spokesman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "We don't want SUVs to be seen as a sign of wealth, but something that is associated with an imbecile."

How is this going to stigmatize SUVs? Isn't it more likely to initiate a series of beatings on hippy looking people hanging around SUVs?

UPDATE: Wouldn't this tool make the job much easier? Just remove the valve core, let the tyre deflate (rapidly), then replace the core. No lasting damage.

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