Friday, September 30, 2005

Y'all hate dem gosh darn pesky bugs too?

The intelligence of the average USian continues to drop in my opinion. The deaths from Hurricane Katrina have only seemed to make the problem worse.

The article in the link below is good evidence of that.
Lovebugs, the bane of every car owner's existence, are swarming the region and seem worse than years past.

They sneak into your house and die. They leave a crust on your windshield that resists the toughest washer fluids.

Hey Paul (the author), a little bit of research can go a long way to making you seem less of an idiot...
The generation of lovebugs annoying the region now showed up about the time Hurricane Katrina's winds died down.

But Howell said he didn't know of any connection. They're fragile, so they probably weren't blown up from the Coast, he said.

A quick Google and I found this:
Lovebug larvae breed in moist habitats high in organic matter such as bar ditches and swampy areas. They are harmless as immatures and actually help nature by decomposing dead plant tissues. Mass adult emergence occurs during specific periods of the year as dictated by environmental conditions (prolonged period soil saturation from rains) conducive to their development.

Hmmm, don't hurricanes bring lots of rain? And didn't Katrina bring lots and lots of rain?

Rank: Stupid, +10
Wherever they're from, the bugs have become a part of the post-Katrina landscape, and they seem fearless.

A camouflage clad soldier swatted them away while guarding a relief center in Petal this week. The bugs seemed oblivious to the machine gun he was balancing on the ground with his free hand.

Fearless? You really think that some insect would know what a gun is? Fucking stupid USians...

Hattiesburg American - Lovebugs bedevil residents

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