Thursday, October 13, 2005

House Update #5 - It’s just a big mistake...

We have hit our first speed hump of our quest for a house. It seems the guys who pegged out the slab had the wrong plans and put the house 500 mm too close to the side boundary. So instead of 2000 mm between the house and the boundary of the block, we will only have 1500 mm.

The initial plan was to have it 1500 mm but because of complications caused by the retaining wall in the sewer run, there were some extra charges ($1,500) to be had. To avoid those charges we moved the house out 500 mm.

How did this happen? Well, it seems that National Homes submitted the initial plans to council for approval, so that means the slab doesn't have to be ripped up. Thankfully. We had every right to request the slab be ripped up and they start again but the house is where we initially wanted it and we don't get the extra sewer charges. Win-Win for us. Yay!

I have to say the site supervisor and the contract supervisor have done some serious bending over backwards for us on this issue and it has been great service. We all know there will be fuck ups in any large job, as long as they notify us of the issues straight away and work to resolve them quickly, we will be happy customers.

And we were given an expected completion date today too, somewhere around late Feb, early March next year. We were expecting mid April, another win for us.

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