Monday, October 10, 2005

Looks like Earthquake Weather...

The media in Australia really pisses me off sometimes, the rest of the time it just annoys me.

After last weekend's bombings in Bali there was nearly blanket coverage of the events where 25 people died and a heap more were injured. Sure, it is a pretty bad thing to have some bombs set off in a deliberate act to kill. But when you contrast it to the earthquake measuring 7.6 that affected Pakistan, Afghanistan and India on Saturday, and it only receives a 2-3 minute bite on the news.

Nevermind the death toll is conservatively estimated at 18,000 people, it still doesn't command the same coverage that a bunch of dead extremists does. We all know that the media reports what they believe gets viewers, but does a terrorist attack really command that much more coverage than tens of thousands of people killed?

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Tom said...

yeah I would have thought that upwards of 30,000 killed by an earthquake (as the estimate stands) deserves more coverage.

But alas, natural disasters are just a consequence of living on this earth, right? whereas terrorists are at the forefront, even though they kill less people.

Its a bit of the ol' "crocodiles and great whites should be hunted to extinction" even though more people die from tiger snake bites than those that are killed by crocs or sharks put together.