Friday, October 07, 2005

What a tragic loss...

David Birnie

ONE of Australia's most notorious serial killers, David Birnie, has been found dead in his cell in Western Australia's main maximum security prison.

Birnie, 55, was serving a life sentence in Casuarina prison, south of Perth, for the abduction, rape, torture and murder of four women in 1986.

I'm sure there will be a lot of people turn up to that funeral, not to mourn, but to spit on his grave.

Serial killer, rapist found dead -


Tom said...

I was wondering if he topped himself because of the persisting demons in his head, or just because it seemed like a better option than waiting another few decades to die in prison.

Craig said...

Either way, it saves us taxpayers a bucket load of money in keeping in gaol. And it frees up a spot for someone who will be able to get out before they die.

How long until his wife does the same thing? She will never be able to go back to a normal life after she is paroled in a year or so.