Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Perfect gift...

I think I have now seen it all...

Samsung have a released a new mobile specifically targetted at the modern woman.

What makes it so special you might ask?

Well it has a Pink Schedule built in to the phone, along with a Calorie Counter and a Body Mass Index calculator.

Just for the Ladies- Pink Schedule, Calories Calculator, Bio Rhythm, Fatness Indicator

What is Calories Calculator?

Calculate the amount of calories burnt for doing daily work like cooking, shopping as well as sports activities like jogging, aerobics and dancing, and manage your fitness every day.

What is Fatness Calculator?

Based on standard Body Mass Index (BMI) tables, the Fatness calculator provides a quick and easy check on whether you are within the healthy weight range for your frame. Simply key in your weight and height and the calculator will display the result and its evaluation (thin, slight thin, normal, slight fat or fat).

What is Pink Schedule?

Using this feature, you can enter information on your menstrual cycle and determine the

1. Date of next ovulation
2. Probability of becoming pregnant on the current date
3. Period during which it is possible to become pregnant
4. Date of your next period

It might just be the perfect gift for the weight, child and calorie obsessed woman in your life...

SAMSUNG's Digital World - GSM | SGH-A400


Tom said...

Or it might be the perfect way to end your life earlier, almost as effective as a set of scales as a wedding anniversary present.

Craig said...

Speaking from experience Tom?