Monday, November 28, 2005

Say NO to stupidity...

The 2nd of December is White Ribbon Day or, to use its full and official title, 'The International Day of Stupidity for Van Tuong Nguyen'. By wearing a white ribbon, everyone can demonstrate their support for the abolition of stupidity in todays society.

Now before you get all righteous on my ass, listen to me for a second. This guy obviously wasn't in his right mind when he made a decision to transport drugs out of Singapore for his brother. He decided to play his chances with a regime well known for their disciplined handling of drug traffickers and he lost. All the crowing in the world won't save his butt now.

There is a small chance Singapore government may relent, very very small chance of that though, but I doubt it as they do not want to lose face. They have made a decision and they will stick to it.

In the end Van Nguyen will pay the price for his brothers drug activities. The Nguyen's must be so proud of their sole remaining twin.

In celebration of this momentous day you are all invited to do a line...


Anonymous said...

Seeming that John Howard has copped more crap than ever over the Nguyen Tuong Van saga what else can he do? These are 3 steps in making the PM more PC.

1: The PM should not only not attend the PM X1 Cricket match but to rename it The Nguyen Tuong Van memorial X1.

2: Why just 1 minutes of silence? Make it a national day of mourning plus make it a national holiday called Nguyen Tuong Van Day. That would give us time during the day to protest outside Singapore airline or Singapore Embassy.

3: Start calling Nguyen Tuong Van a Martyr so the Vatican can speed up the Benediction process for St Nguyen Tuong Van to be the first Patron Saint of Drug Smugglers. Miracles could be attributed to smugglers who pray to Nguyen Tuong Van who help them get through Singapore customs with large quantities of smack.

Tom said...

I've got no witty comments. That's just funny.

It must be pretty horrible knowing the exact date you are going to die. Even if you do have a hope of some form of life after death.

But he did try to smuggle drugs, and he did this from a country that is universally known for its harsh stand against drugs.

Stuart Anthony Fenech said...

Hear hear...

Could also be "International Get Rich Quick!" day, an ode to the great number of people who find the great, simple, easy yet strangely illegal ways to make lots of money every year.