Monday, November 28, 2005


Everyone nows about the main 2 additional plates used by drivers on our roads, 'L' and 'P'.

I had an odd brainstorm the other day whilst driving. Unsurprisingly it was spurred by one or more of the following stereotypes. Again unsurprisingly, I encountered them in the Spearwood to Hamilton Hill area along Rockingham Road.

Suggestions for new additiuonal plates:
  • 'E' plate - For elderly drivers. Even though you can tell elderly drivers from the hat on the rear parcel shelf, there is still a large section of the elderly community who do not play bowls so we need to advertise the location of these drivers to us all. Advertising the elderly nature of the driver will prepare you for sudden unannounced turns, lane changes and braking. As soon as you reach 65 the plate is issued. The obvious overlap with the Extraordinary plate used for reinstated drivers can be solved by issuing them with a 'D' (drunk) plate. Biege E on blue background.

  • 'S' plate - For habitual speeders. For those drivers among us that always speed no matter wherever they are. 60 zone? They'll do 75. 80 zone? They'll do 100. Usually related to the habitual tailgater, these plates will prepare you for the tailgating and general impatientness of these drivers on the road. As soon as you loose more than 6 points in a 6 month period, you are issued with the plate. Red S on dayglo orange background for added visibility.

  • 'Y' plate - For the hip young female drivers. Ever seen a young female applying make up or doing their hair while driving? Did you notice their actions just after you were nearly side swiped or cut off by said young female? These plates will help you prepare for just those occasions so you can protect yourself from their crap driving. Mitsubishi Lancer coupe's will be fitted with the 'Y' plate as standard. Black Y, background colours will change season to season.

Any more people want to suggest?


James said...

I suggest a plate with a giant A on it... it'll probably come as standard fitment on Hondas, BMWs and Mercedes... and it warns you that the drive is under the influence... or DWA as they say in America.... Driving While Asian...

Stuart Anthony Fenech said...

C for Coalition voters, so you know which cars will not let you into their hard earned lane and subsequently block your attempts to enter a better lane indefinitely.