Friday, December 09, 2005


An idea I considered trying back in uni has been tried and eventually failed through greed.
Boulder - Jonathan Baldino might be off the "nice" list.

Police say Baldino used homemade bar codes to buy electronic gadgets at prices far below any legitimate discount. The 19-year-old is facing three counts of being naughty - one of them a Class 5 felony.

Baldino was detained by Target security Wednesday after he purchased a $150 iPod with a bar-code label of $4.99.

Now that was damn silly wasn't it... As if someone wouldn't notice an iPod walking out the door for $5...
Baldino, a freshman electrical-engineering student at the University of Colorado, told police that he made phony bar codes from real bar codes taken from inexpensive merchandise, then glued those bar codes on to big-ticket items at Target, according to the police report.

After meeting a few electrical-engineering undergraduates at uni, I can confirm that they aren't as bright as they appear. The air of nerdiness surrounding electrical-engineering is severely tempered with copious amounts of alcohol and flux fumes.

This might have worked out if he had done 3 things:
  • Choosing items that relate to the targeted item. Example, find an iPod accessory like an iPod case to replace the iPod barcode with, when it rings up on the register iPod will display throwing off initial suspicions. With the intelligence and attention levels of most checkout staff in short supply, he would have walked out quite easily. You may end up spending a bit more but in the end you are still getting something really cheap.
  • Change the location of your deeds. Don't just go to one store to get all your purchases. Get the barcode from one store, purchase in another.
  • Once you have your gear either launder it quickly or reduce the amount of evidence attached to it. This idiot was caught with the fake barcode still on a printer box he purchased that they didnt know he had faked.

The moral of the story is that being a criminal takes more brains than being honest...

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Kirby Fur said...

I can attest that Boulder undergrads are fairly short on brains...