Monday, December 12, 2005

Don't poke the hornets nest...

I'm sure the bogans beating up this poor middle eastern fellow are proud they got their faces shown all across the country, possibly the world, because I think their might be some people wanting some revenge. The added image of them using beer bottles to enact the beating really does wonderful things for the image of the aussie bloke doesn't it?
The violence followed a week of simmering tension after an attack the previous Sunday on two lifesavers. Appeals by text message for "Aussies" to descend on the beach to reclaim it drew a crowd estimated at 5000 people, but a carnival atmosphere in the morning gave way to an ugly mood as a hard core of about 200 turned violent. Thousands chanted them on.

The trouble began with scuffles about midday. As the crowd moved along the beach and foreshore area, a man on the back of a utility began to shout "No more Lebs" - a chant picked up by the group around him. Others in the crowd yelled "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie … Oi, Oi, Oi". Members of the mob set upon their prey with fists, feet, flags and beer bottles. Two paramedics were injured as they tried to get victims out of the North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club, where they had fled to escape the rioters. One of the women had fled into the clubhouse for safety after her headscarf was ripped off.

The crowd broke the windows of the ambulance and kicked its doors as the officers attempted to get the group out. Police, who used capsicum spray and batons in their battle to quell the rioters, were also pelted with beer bottles, and in some cases their cars were swamped and stomped on as they tried to move from one violent flare-up to the next. They sometimes appeared powerless to keep up with the moving mob.

About 7.30pm a young man of Lebanese appearance, arms held out imploringly, sprinted south on a footpath towards the protective shield of the police stationed at Cronulla Beach, hotly pursued by a drunken mob numbering hundreds. He outran the mob and was saved by police, who placed him in the back of a police van, which was then surrounded by the mob.

As the van drove away, one young Caucasian girl laughed and said to a male companion: "That was sick. I've never seen a dumb Leb run so fast. How good was that?"

The riots in Sydney yesterday were completely disgusting. You have a large group of white bogan Australians beating the living shit out of anybody of middle eastern appearance. In one incident, 2 guys on a train were set upon by over 20 bogans before the police stepped in and broke it up.

I wonder if these bogans realise what they were doing? If you have ever dealt with any middle eastern cultures, you will know they are quite peaceful until they feel you are attacking or demeaning towards them. They then like to respond in kind to those attacks.
A 23-year-old man was in St George Hospital in a serious condition after a fight in Woolooware about 10.25pm. A radio report said he had a knife embedded in his back. Police said the man was with friends when he had an altercation outside a golf club with a "group of males of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance".

The middle eastern folk were a bit smarter about how they returned fire too... They did it at night away from the media. And don't think that this is finished, this will continue for a while now...

Now we can just wait for the inevitable passing of blame from person to person. I don't think any one person is to blame for the current feeling of resentment towards middle eastern folk, I think it is a product of the government and the media all using the threat of terrorism to drive their own agendas.

UPDATE: I found this on a forum chatting about the riots yesterday.
The events at Cronulla were a great start and they have totally shaken the Australian ZOG at its very core. ZOG will now do all it can to put a lid on the rage and anger and this is the most dangerous aspect of the situation as there will be arrests of patriots and a further suppression of civil liberties of whites while the apologists for the muslim scum will step up their activity. It is unfortunate but until the underlying root cause is eliminated the symptoms will continue to get worse. The filthy JEW is the cancer at the root of the problem and I think that these events will be a good opportunity to educate many of the protestors about the poison that is the kike and his genocidal and tyrannical ZOG state apparatus which seeks to create a turd world melting pot out of every white country. The yoke of this criminal tyranny must be thrown of if Australia is to survive as a civilised white European outpost in a sea of sub humanity.

I bet this guy is a nice productive member of the community.


Tom said...

A sad day in Australian history methinks.

The media and the government might be to "blame". But lets not forget that each individual has the responsibility to control their own actions.

I'm disappointed in "Australians", but mostly the white Aussie bloke that appears to be the major perpetrator here.

It goes to show that any dimwit can be made to join in with any kind of mob even if they haven't though through the reasons for the mobbing in the first place.

I'm waiting for the day (and it will come) that real, "down-to-earth" patriotic aussies start attacking religious minorities for not sharing in the patriotic defense of "their" country.

Isn't the world a wonderful place?

Incidentally, what is the cop in that photo doing? Taking a photo? What's that in his hand?

Craig said...

"Incidentally, what is the cop in that photo doing? Taking a photo? What's that in his hand?"

I think the cop has a can of pepper spray in his hand. It seems that he is leaning in to protect the guiy getting bashed.

Benjamin Solah said...

You are right on the money here. Yesterday was disgusting and the government and the media are well and truly to blame.

riss said...

it was a very sad day indeed and conpltely destroys my faith in people.

the federal government should at least address this issue properly instead of brushing it off or leaving it to the state to deal with.

James said...

Of course the government is to blame... huh? As Tom said a bunch of morons allowed themselves to be whipped into a frenzy by some racist vitriole circulated on mobile phones and by brainless media monkeys.

Of course if we had legal abortions perhaps these yobbo half breeds might have been nipped in the bud... so if you look at it from that perspective perhaps the government is to blame.

Who's to blame for the "middle eastern appearance" people's retaliation?

Oh never mind let's blame the government that's easier than working out why there's tensions in our community

Craig said...

The middle eastern retaliation is their fault entirely, but wouldn't you be pissed off if you were Leb seeing fellow Lebs getting smashed by bogans with beer bottles, just because they were Lebs.

That said, the poms don't seem to retaliate when they get their arses kicked in the outer at the MCG, GABBA or WACA...

Anonymous said...

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