Friday, December 16, 2005

Beazley's blubber is starving his brain of oxygen...

Well after the announcement of the bigger-than-expected budget surplus all the talk has been about tax cuts. Costello has toned down his approach to tax cuts in favour of spending on defence and health. At last some sense.

But Mr Beazley has now come out and tried to put his foot in his mouth, I suspect he has actually put his fat hand in his mouth cos I doubt he could get his foot that high.
AUSTRALIANS deserved a bigger tax cut now, rather than closer to the next election, Opposition Leader Kim Beazley said today.

A mid-year economic review has revealed the forecast for this year's surplus has swelled to $11.5 billion – up $2.6 billion on the May Budget's prediction. Treasurer Peter Costello hinted that more tax cuts could be on the way after the bigger-than-expected surplus.

But Mr Beazley said those tax cuts needed to come quickly, adding he would give Australians better tax relief if Labor was elected to government.

"My message to (Prime Minister) John Howard and to Peter Costello is this is not your money, this is the taxpayer's money," he told Macquarie Radio.

It may be taxpayer's money but if things aren't being funded to an adeqwuate level, then there should be no tax cuts.

Better tax cut now: Beazley -

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James said...

Kim actually needs the tax cuts himself.... Food is getting more expensive so he needs more disposable income to maintain his considerable girth... either that or Jenny Craig is charging him penalty rates... I suppose the other alternative is that he's now being forced to fly as freight, being charged by the kilo and the fuel surcharge is killing him :)