Friday, December 23, 2005

House Update #13 - Let's get plastered...

Just a mini-update today as I haven't got any new pictures yet.

We went for a look out at the house yesterday and nearly all our walls are plastered. Damn it looks good. Chatting to the head plaster guy, he reckons they will be finished today. The change in the house from bare walls to the float to the plaster is just amazing. Combine that with the ceilings and the space just seems to get larger. I called the site supervisor about getting some people in to do final measurements and he says that the should be at lock-up by late next week.

In other news, we have organised our floor tiles from a place in Mandurah at a damn good price, $48.50/m2 fully laid. They are 450 mm x 450 mm porcelain tiles that should look great all through the house. Also we put down the deposit on the carpets on Monday. This weekend it is time for blind hunting. We saw some awesome looking Jamaican blinds (Roman blinds but with exposed wooden ribs) in a house last weekend that we want to look into and see if they come into our budget.

Photos coming soon...

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