Wednesday, December 07, 2005

WilliamsF1 find a new sponsor...

WilliamsF1 have announced that they have signed a 'partnership deal' with Philips shavers - a move that will see Philips become the 'Male Shaving Partner' for the Grove based squad.

The deal, it is hoped, will 'offer Philips marketing opportunities specifically designed to drive sales and position Philips shavers as the premier male shaver brand to the F1 audience'.

Since they won't be really supplying any technical value to the team, unlike the HP/Compaq deal, this is presumed to be a cash only deal with Philips leveraging the 'partnership' with a new product...
The partnership is supported by specific designed Philips and WilliamsF1 shavers, which are scheduled for release in 2006.

Who really wants a shaver that gets the image that it is inconsistent, prone to failures and requires a whole pit crew to recharge and clean the thing?

Williams link up with Philips for close shave! -

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