Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamas superstar...

You just can't make the US and others happy. They are pissed off when citizens don't live in a democracy, now they get annoyed when a democratically elected group comes to power in a fair election.

RAMALLAH, West Bank (CNN) -- The future of the Middle East entered a new era of uncertainty Thursday, as the militant Palestinian opposition group Hamas snatched power from the ruling old guard and made skeptics of many key players in the peace process.

In conceding Fatah's defeat, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas urged Hamas to keep negotiations moving forward, but the U.S. seemed doubtful and Israel responded by demanding that the Palestinian Authority disarm the new ruling party "and the other terrorist organizations."

Let me get this straight, Israel are encouraging non-elected groups to disarm the elected government? That seems really progressive.

I suppose Israel are a little bit jittery because Hamas believes that Israel shouldn't exist. This conflict has been going on since Israel was created back in 1949 when the Arab world got a raw deal. This was then exacerbated by Israel taking even more land. But we can't say anything bad about the land and power hungry Jews, lest we be labelled anti-semetic. I'll just shut up now...

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